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Which are the herbs used in WALK-IT  herbal weight loss tablets?
The main herbal combination used in WALK-IT  herbal weight loss tablets are:

600 mg
Sudha gugglu
50 mg
Atasi (flax seeds)
25 mg
50 mg
50 mg
50 mg
Artemisia absinthium linn
25 mg
All these herbs used in WALK-IT  herbal weight loss tablets are collected from various countries around the world.
The fast paced lifestyle, hectic schedules and deadline-ruled jobs of today’s world has resulted in a lot of stress in the life of people. Add to this, the erratic eating habits that are the consequence of the demanding careers and the inability of people to find time for exercise. You have the exact reason for the rising population of obese people in the world. On top of that, if the metabolism rate of a person is low, you can very well imagine what a catastrophic situation he / she is under.
Herbohealth’s herbal weight loss products that help you to lose weight, in the most natural way and without any side effects. The only problem is that all such products available in the market are not authentic and their use may lead to some considerable side effects. So, one should be extra careful while deciding which herbal weight loss products to take and which to avoid.
The best way to do this try our product first.
Herbohealth’s herbal weight loss Slim-xl capsule is available in the market do not require you to go hungry.
It is intended to improve your metabolism rate, leading to faster burning of fat.
Obesity is not a disease in itself but it is at the roots of many diseases like- high blood pressure. Heart trouble, diabetes, kidney trouble, gout and joint pains, stroke, skin diseases and some of which increase the rate of mortality. The more a person’s weight, the greater is the risk of his early death.
When an overweight person dies, the death certificate does not state the cause being overweight.
But is a common knowledge that overweight persons are more susceptible to life destroying diseases than those who are not . Obesity is always the contributing cause for such deaths.
Some years back in Europe & America when the incidence of fatal disease due to overweight was taken into account, the following diseases were found to be causing early death- diabetes, cerebral hemorrhage, all heart disease, gall bladder diseases, cirrhosis of the liver and chronic nephritis.

Danger to vital organ: –
Obesity is a disorder which affect the vital organs of the human body. We shall see how the different organs function & how obesity causes disrepair to them.
Heart & Lungs: -The heart is a wonderful organ of our body with out which there can be no human life, even during our sleep, it works unceasingly and tirelessly. It supplies blood to the whole body. The heart is helped by the lungs to purify the blood. Lungs too tirelessly go on purifying the blood to be sent back to the heart. Hence any hindrance in the heart’s functions disturbs the lungs too and so is the case the other way round. Any defect setting in to one of these organs affects the other.
Excess Fat: – Fat is essential for our body but in limited quantities. It is contained in the tissues of our body.
The excess of fat is an obstacle leading to the various disorders. Extra fat gets deposited gradually in:
* The surface layer of the heart.
* The loose tissues around the kidneys.
* The supporting tissues within the abdomen.

Heart muscles contract in order to pump blood when the fat deposits create an overload, the heat muscles can do nothing but over work in the process of supplying blood to the tissues, causing discomfort to the heart.
Blood get the nutrition from the intestines through the food we take. When the proportion of fat content exceeds the limit, the blood gets thickened and the heart muscles have to overwork in pumping the blood. In spite of the hearts constant pumping the walls of the blood vessels (arteries) get thickened. the type of food we take, therefore, has a determinant effect in gaining weight.

Cholesterol: –
Cholesterol is a normal constituent of the blood. It is found in the cell membranes and layer of the skin. It is used by the adrenal and the sex glands to form the hormones. Cholesterol has a proper and regular function to be performed in the body’s chemical process. Excess cholesterol is d
erived from the saturated fats we consume through our food. Fatty deposits containing large quantities of cholesterol lead to the narrowing and hardening of the arteries (blood vessels). This condition is known as arteriosclerosis. We know that the excess fat gets deposited in the surface of the heart. This is an overload on the heart. Excess fat is also a living tissue and hence requires blood supply just as any other tissue in our body. An increase in body fat necessitates a corresponding increase in the number of small blood vessels for the additional blood supply or else the heart can not but over work to meet the need.
The heart of an obese person functions under the handicap of a superfluous layer of fat. Overweight also hinders lung function, resulting in respiratory problems.
Apart from heart & lungs, the liver & kidneys are the other vital organs that get affected due to obesity.
Liver & Obesity: - liver’s function in our body is very important for its role in the metabolism of fats. Fat is required for heat & energy in our body, the liver not only breaks the fat with the help of the digestive pancreatic juice from the pancreas but also converts the excess carbohydrates into fat for storage. When an individual takes in more calories than are required they are stored as fat, even if obtained from carbohydrates or proteins. When fat is required for energy it is withdrawn from this storage & carried to the liver to be split into substances that re far soluble.
Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas during its endocrine function. Insulin is required to burn the glucose. Liver stores excess glucose that circulates in blood. With the help of insulin, liver converts this excess glucose into a substance known as glycogen for storage until necessity arises. When sugar is required, the glycogen is converted back into glucose & fed into the blood.
An obese person has the tendency to overeat. Appetite cannot be controlled in nine out of ten obese person. If there is a history of diabetes in the family & if the person is already obese & is used to consume fats & carbohydrates in excess then the insulin produced becomes in sufficient for its conversion and the liver naturally suffers a set back too. That is one of the many reasons why persons who are obese are advises to keep away from sweets and fats as much as possible
Kidney & Obesity: - Kidneys are organs of elimination of waste products from the body. They are two in number & are located on either side of the lower spine. Kidney has a plentiful supply of blood vessels. It has fine filters & performs the tough job of filtering twice the amount of blood in the body every hour. It does not allow the large particles of essential proteins and red cells to pass through the filter. Most of the fluid is re-absorbed. Essential glucose, amino acids, hormones & other vitamins are returned to the blood stream after absorption. The excess of these substances is discarded through the urine. More fat tissues the body contains, the greater the task of elimination. So for a person of obese, kidney disease tend to develop easily

Muscles & Joints Pain:-
Excess weight interferes with the skeletomuscular activities. All the weight-bearing joints are over burdened due to the excess weight. Rheumatism, gout & arthritis are common in those who are overweight. It may be argued that these disorders affect even those who are not obese & sometimes even extremely thin persons suffer from these disorders. But along with these diseases, the damage to the joints & bones is greater in obese than in non-obese persons.
Obesity also results in impotency in some cases If it occur at a very young age with activities & exercise being nil, it implies very poor health & loss of energy. This- in many cases, results in the loss of vigour & leads to impotency.

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