Female Sexuality

Human female sexuality
Human female sexuality :-encompasses a broad range of behaviors and processes, including female sexual identity and sexual behavior, the physiological, psychological, social, cultural, political, and spiritual or religious aspects of sex. Various aspects and dimensions of female sexuality, as a part of human sexuality, have also been addressed by principles of ethics, morality, and theology.

Orgasm is thought to be the ultimate human sexual pleasure. However, it has been reported that women find it harder than men to experience orgasms due to the increased level and variety of stimulation needed to reach them. Even though most women need more than just one type of sexual stimulation in order to achieve orgasms, the very important parts of the body to take into consideration are the clitoris and the vagina. The clitoris function may be to provide female sexual pleasure, or it could be a vestigial penis remaining from the embryo stage of development. Most women experience orgasms due to intense clitoral stimulation. One of the reasons why orgasms are easier to achieve when the clitoris is stimulated is that the clitoris is extremely sensitive and placed exterior to the vagina. On the other hand, vaginal stimulation may be harder to achieve.

Multiple Orgasms
Women are able to experience multiple orgasms which can be serial. Multiple meaning they are experiencing several orgasms immediately one after another or sequential multiple orgasms, which are the orgasms that occur one after another but separated by few minutes. Even though multiple orgasms are very rarely experienced, they are not impossible. They are, in fact, the ultimate climax women can achieve.
For some women, the most sensitive area in the body is the G-spot, while for others, it is the Clitoris. If properly stimulated, the G-spot may cause very strong orgasms, some stronger than the ones reached after clitoral stimulation. The G-spot’s existence is still under dispute, as its location and size varies from woman to woman, or appears to be nonexistent in some women.

Common problems associated with female sexuality: 
Low Desire
Painful Intercourse
Female Orgasm
Arousal Disorders
Hormone Deficiency

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Women share their experiences with sexual dysfunction, their search for answers, the challenges encountered along the way, and how they found solutions to a better sex life.

Sexual Performance (Female) 

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What is Female Sexual Performance?
When we think of the term sexual performance, we may think of this concept with regards to male sexual performance. However, there are a vast number of female counterparts out there who hold their sexual performance to a high standard.

There are many facets to a woman’s sexuality. A woman’s ability to match a male partner in the bedroom is often high on the list. Sexual arousal, stamina, sex drive and sexual pleasure all rank highly for women in the sexual health arena.

It is considered that unlike man, woman’s sexual arousals are slow.Some women need foreplay and body stimulation.

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Once they equally aroused along with their partner, then their sexual indulgence will be perfectly satisfactory. While in sexual inter action, simultaneous clitorial stimulation can enhance sexual pleasure.

Breast is an apparent distinction between male & female. It is a mass of fatty tissue. The main function of the breast is to produce milk for the newborn baby. Breasts vary in size & shape. Yet, the shape & size of the breasts has nothing to do with woman’s fertility & sexuality. Breasts start developing before a girl starts to menstruate. Breasts become slightly firm during excitement. If, whenever a woman feels lumps or bumps in breast, she should immediately consult a competent physician.

This is the female genital passage. Vagina ensheathes & covers the penis during intercourse. It is made of modified skin which covers the penis during intercourse. It is made of modified skin in which covers an elastic fibro vascular structure. From the opening it goes upward at the angle 0f 60-70 degree at the top cervix points in it. Its approximate length is 10 CMS. The vagina undergoes active changes during coitus.

Clitoris is situated on the front of pubic bone and is almost surrounded by labia majora. It is sort of small penis & consists of erectile tissue & richly supplied with nerve ends. This is the most sensitive part of the vulva -the external female genitalia. The size of the clitoris is ¾ of an inch. The role of clitoris in sex, is still unknown. It appears to be involved only in female excitement.

(OVUM) Egg or ovum is the name given to female reproductive cell. All of them vary too much in size but basically they have the same shape. Egg is expelled from ovary to fallopian tube, where the male sperm fertilizes it, otherwise it dies there with in few days.

These tubes extend from the ovaries, which are situated on either side of the womb.

Each is about 4 inches long. There is a free passage from vagina to womb &womb to fallopian tubes.

This is a hallow, muscular and thick walled organ connected with fallopian tubes & it is pointed towards cervix. It is about 8 to 9 cm in length, 6 cms across in its widest part & about 4 cms thick in the thickest part. The walls of the womb are about 1 to 2 cms. thick & length of the internal cavity is about 7.5 to 8 cms measured from external Os. Womb is the place, which holds the future generation i.e. the child.
Female sexuality: -It is considered that unlike man, woman’s sexual arousal is slow. Some women need foreplay and body stimulation. Once they are equally aroused along with their partner, then their sexual indulgence will be perfectly satisfactory. While in sexual inter action, simultaneous clitoral stimulation can enhance sexual pleasure.

As per our observation,painful sexual intercourse leading to vaginismus is the most common sexual problem. This is known as dyspareunia. Most often, when the woman is not properly aroused (lubricated) and if the man makes an attempt to enter, it leads to irritation & pain. If the pain is always present at the time of intercourse then it could be because of hymeneal obstruction, urethral disorders or congenital malformation of the ullva or vagina. It could also occur following post-operative scars & atrophic vulvo vaginitis. If the pain is present occasionally,then one may look for some local infection or allergy. Deep thrust dyspareunia could be because of pelvic congestion, inflammatory disease of the pelvis,endometriosis, lower bowel disease, anal fissures, fistula, certain ovarian pathologies or vaginal reconstructive surgery. Lastly any anxiety provoking situation can also be a cause of pain on deep thrusting.

Many men use their partners simply as sleeping pills.

These men, after they reach orgasm, don’t bother about partner satisfaction,then she is left halfway. There will be a lot of congestion in the pelvic region and if this is not released she may get a lingering pain in the lower abdomen or a constant low backache.

A distraction, disturbed inter personal relationship, anti hypertensive drugs, tranquilizers,sedatives, hypnotics & some times oral contraceptives can all lead to decline in sexual desire. Any pain at the time of coitus, whether it is vaginities, pelvic infection or different uterine position may lead to frigidity of sudden on set.

This disease of woman which some times ruins their health mantally & physically. In this disease a type of liquid starts coming out of vagina regularly. Normally their wetting of vagina is not a disease. Some lubricative fluid is there. But, if the discharge is in excess and continues to wet the undergarments leaving stains on it, then it should be examined. In leucorrhoea the vaginal discharge can be as a fluid as water and also thick & yellowish. There will also be some bad odour and due to the excessive discharge and there may be itching in the vagina. Because of increased itching, vagina may also get swollen. When this disease becomes chronic the woman may come to suffer from general weakness, forget fullness, pain in her waist, paleness on her face etc. Gradually she grows weaker & may find herself unable to produce children. Besides most vaginal infections is not life threatening, but they should be treated promptly. Left untreated, some can cause major complications. For the infections that are sexually transmissible, your partner should be treated, too even if he has no symptoms; he can re infect you. And it is, unfortunately possible to get more than one kind of infection at a time.

Mensotone Tablets For Promoting Female Sexual Performance
Mensotone Tablets can be used to promote female pleasure, arousal, and satisfaction. Ingredients such as Tribulus terrestris, Elettaria cardamomum & Withania somnifera can help stimulate the nervous system naturally while also acting as an aphrodisiac and a tonic for the reproductive organs.
Scientific research has demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing the pain associated with angina, improving blood and oxygen circulation, reducing elevated cholesterol and blood pressure and promoting optimum immune system functioning.

Mensotone Tablets

Useful For:
* Leucorrhea
* Abnormal vaginal discharge
* Irregular Menstruation
* Vaginal Irritation
* Itching around the outside of the vagina
* Urinary Tract Infection
* White Discharge , Yellow Discharge

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