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Whether Elderly People don’t need sex?
One of my friend psychologists has discussed a case with me. An elderly person had been having severe depression and loneliness. During psychological treatment it was revealed that his wife is alive and lives in the same house but both of them sleeps in the separate rooms and feel loneliness. Unfortunately in our society, it is thought that old-aged parents don’t need for sex therefore; they don’t have any place for chit chat and sexual activity. First of all both of them have to sit in the separate rooms. Some times it happens that mother lives with one son and father with other son. In this way both of them not only remain deprived of sexual activity but also they experience loneliness and due to that reason they die soon. Many of the researches have revealed that old- aged people also required the sex just like young people. Along with that immense sexual life not only improves health status but also increases the life expectant. Along with it the prostate, Heart Attack and joint problems like Arthritis also decreases. Therefore; for mental relaxation, good health and prolonged life, old people should perform sexual activity at least once in a week. If an old remain deprived of sexual activity for 60 days then perhaps he would be able to then to perform it. The principle is “Use it or lose it (Hyde)
Sex in your sixties – too cringe making or a life-enhancing treat?

Passion in old age is seen by many as unwelcome, or just unedifying. But as the Mail reported yesterday new research suggests that many pensioners enjoy a vigorous love life well into their eighth decade.
A study of 3,000 men and women aged 57 to 85 revealed that 73 per cent of people aged 57 to 64, and over half of those aged 65 to 74, have active love lives.
So, is old age perfect for passion or a passion killer? FEMAIL asked six women of a certain age what they thought.

Old age ‘no barrier’ to sex life

Seniors with a partner are more sexually active, the study found
Old age is apparently not preventing US citizens from enjoying active sex lives, researchers there say.
In a survey of 3,005 people aged 57 to 85, a significant number said they were sexually active into their 70s and 80s.
Health problems or lack of a partner, rather than lack of desire, were listed as the most common barriers to sex.
The researchers say their survey overturns stereotypical ideas about sex and aging, an area that has been little studied.

“There are a lot of people who feel that age is very tightly correlated with sexual activity or interest,” Professor Edward Laumann of the University of Chicago, one of the report’s authors, told the BBC.“But it turns out that healthy people are sexually active if they have a partner, and that this is an important part of the quality of life.”

Sex with a partner in the last year was reported by:

• 73% of those aged 57 to 64
• 53% of those aged 64 to 75
• 26% of those aged 75 to 85

Of those who said they were sexually active, most said they were having sex at least two or three times a month.
Half of the people surveyed up to age 75 said they had oral sex.
About half of the men and a quarter of the women said they masturbated, regardless of whether they had a sexual partner.
“This suggests that, among older adults, there is an internal drive or need for sexual fulfillment,” said Stacy Tessler Lindau, the study’s leader.

Research gap

The research highlights the importance of health on people’s sex lives. People who rated their health as poor were less likely to be sexually active than people in good health.
About half of the respondents said they had a “bothersome” sexual problem.
Among men, the most common problem was erectile difficulties. Fourteen percent of men said they used medicine or supplements to boost their sex lives.
Women said lack of desire, difficulty with lubrication and inability to climax were their most common problems.
The survey helps fill a gap in research on sex and sexual attitudes among elderly people, say the researchers.
“People are living longer,” said Dr Lindau.

“Many people have higher expectations for what aging should be like, and we spend billions on treating erectile problems. Yet we have no baseline data on sexuality on later life.
“These data will give people a sense of whether what they’re experiencing is typical.”

sex after 50

Sex in the second half of life is fascinating. Many women in their 60s and 70s are having the best sex of their lives, whereas some women over 50 feel that they’ve lost their libido. Everyone thinks the reason is because they’re going through menopause, The truth is, the old way of having sex leads many women to lose their libido. They just need to rethink their own brainwashing!

10 Tips for Better Sex After 50

1. Ask for what you want. Most of their lives, women are taught that their job is to get a man up and get him off in as short a time as possible. Women think it’s not about them at all. But when they finally decide that they can ask for what they want, they realize to their amazement that men are more than willing to provide it. By rewiring their sexuality in this way, women discover that they are orgasmatrons and they just never knew it.
2. Focus on your pleasure to enhance his. A man’s body responds to a woman’s pleasure. In fact, a man can often get as much or more pleasure out of pleasuring a woman in a genuine way than he does just with getting up and getting off. That’s when the prolactin in men really rises. I have seen men who are on erectile dysfunction drugs, who needed them, able to get off them when their wives finally put their own pleasure first.
3. Take the time you need. Too many women fake orgasm simply because they feel they’re taking too long. That’s why I say in my book, The Secret Pleasures of Menopause that you literally need to put this on your calendar: Set aside time to explore your sexuality. Then both you and your partner will be able to get in a different state, a theta state, a delta state–a very, very entrained, healthy state loaded with nitric oxide.
4. Use plenty of lubrication. If you’re experiencing painful sex, the solution may be as simple as needing more lubrication. Get a whole bunch–spit may not be enough. It can be as simple as KY Jelly at any drugstore. I have to laugh–they’ve invented a warming formula now. Those are fun. Try all those things.
5. Consider vaginal estrogen. If lubrication isn’t enough, talk to your doctor. Some women have thinning of the vaginal tissue and they simply need three or four more layers of cells there, which you can get back in a week or two with a little vaginal estrogen. Vaginal estrogen can be safely used even if you’ve had breast cancer. The most locally potent is called Estriol, available by prescription from a formulary pharmacy. It’s a very simple solution–there’s no need for women to suffer like that.
6. Wake up your clitoris and G-spot. Women have as much erogenous erectile tissue in their pelvis as men do in their penis; it’s just all inside and no one teaches them this. All that tissue is created for pleasure and to create increased nitric oxide and you can learn to wake this area up. Read Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving, which has instructions for massaging the G-spot. Practice with yourself twice a week. The male partner can also help with this–it’s a whole new world that couples can get into together and the man never even has to have an erection.
7. Get your Vitamin D levels checked. Think of libido as life force. Eventually, batteries get drained and need to be recharged. You may recharge by going away for a spa weekend, spending time with girlfriends, sitting in the sun. One specific thing you can do as well is to get your Vitamin D level checked. Vitamin D helps mood. It’s the sunshine vitamin. D levels should be 60 to 80, but many women are dreadfully deficient; I’m willing to bet that in over 50% of women, it’s going to be 24. That’s way too low.
8. Get enough sleep. This is very important. Get plenty of rest so your batteries are charged whenever they need to be–even when your partner reaches for you in the middle of the night.
9. Experiment with different activities to awaken your sexual energy center. Words are very potent for women–our bodies respond to them. It’s standard biofeedback. So enjoy romantic and erotic fiction, both alone or even enjoy together as couple. You can also try a women-only art of strip tease class, S-Factor pole dancing or belly dancing.
10. Become a new partner. As you’re rethinking your relationship to sexuality, understand that most men follow directions. You need to take the initiative and make it happen. Don’t get caught down the rabbit hole of “Oh, my libido’s going away and that’s it for me.” The number one predictor of good midlife libido is a new partner. So, become a new partner!


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It is often believed that old people don’t have sex anymore. This turns out to be untrue. More variants are invented for making love, because certain positions are not possible anymore. For most women around the age of 50, the menopause occurs. Besides all kinds of psychological and social changes there are also a number of hormonal changes. These hormonal changes make the mucous membrane thinner and more sensitive to pain and it gets damaged more easily. This can lead to pain while making love. However, it’s not just the hormones that play a role. Women get psychologically aroused less quickly. Old men ejaculate less quickly; sometimes the desire to make love is also much reduced. Erection problems occur more often. In most cases the frequency of making love is lower, but the pleasure in making love increases. This also depends on the quality of the relationship and how the partners treat each other.
In women, lubrication takes a longer time to occur. A man may often require direct physical stimulation to achieve erection & the same is also true of a woman’s lubrication. The colour of the semen changes from white to light yellow, the consistency gets thinner & the quantity decreases. This occurs due to the changes of hormonal levels. The menopause is the cessation in menstrual periods that occur in most women sometime between the ages of 45 to 53. At the time, the body’s reproductive machinery shuts downs gradually. Some women harbour the misconception that menopause marks the end of their sexual activities and this fear (about their waning sexuality) increase their sex drive to reaffirm their reasons.

As Practitioner of unani herbalism, it is our duty to explain to the older couple the physiological changes that occur with age and reassure them that a healthy conjugal relationship is a normal & acceptable form of behavior, at any age, because sexuality is as important for the old as it is for the young. In this regard any inability can be consulted & rectified.

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