Obesity Symptoms and Types
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How many types of Obesity are there and what are their Symptoms?
1. According to whether or not cause syndrome,there are Simple Obesity and Secondary Obesity.
a. Simple Obesity:- Obesity is caused by ingesting too much heat energy and consuming less energy and so storing up
too much fat, not by endocritic or metabolic disease. Most Obese people belongs to this type. Simple Obesity has below two types:
a1. Constitutional Obesity, or From Infancy type Obesity. Obesity starts from infancy to adult. Usually they have family history of Obesity.
They have very good appetite from half a year after birth and body fat cell number begins to increase. Their metabolism is slow and synthesis exceeds catabolism.
There will be poor cure effect by limiting diet and strengthening exercise.
They are not sensitive to insulin.
a2. Acquired Obesity,or From Adult type Obesity,and Diet-induced Obesity. This is caused by intentionally or unintentionally eating too much, called surfeit Obesity. They usually begin to gain weight from early adult times and gain weight mainly on limbs.
There’ll be good cure effect by limiting diet and strengthening exercise. Their sensitivity to insulin treatment will recover.
b. Secondary Obesity:- It’s Symptom Obesity taking some disease as primary disease,occupying under 5% of total obesity. The primary diseases are Cushing’s syndrome, metabolic obesity, hypothalamic obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome, insulin tumor,etc.. The primary disease must be cured,otherwise it’s impossible to lose weight.
2. According to fat distribution,there are five types.

a. Belted Shape Obesity. Fat is mainly accumulated in back, lower abdomen, heckle, hip, and thighs. Their body shapes are similar as those who get Obesity Reproductive Functional Syndrome.

b. Great Trochanter Shape Obesity.
Fat is mainly accumulated around trochanter area,breast,abdomen and pubes. Most obesity after menopause belongs to this type.

c. Lower Limbs Obesity.
Fat is distributed from huckle to ankle,sometimes limited to leg and ankle. This type is like Fatty
Dystrophy, forming extremely fat at lower body while extremely thin at upper body.

d. Upper Limbs Obesity.
Fat is mainly stored at back,hip,breast,neck and face area. Obesity caused by Adrenocortical growth, tumor and pituitary basophilic tumor belongs to this type.

e. Hip Obesity. Fat is mainly accumulated in hip,so make hip fat and big.It’s one of features of some nations,belonging to genetic disease.
3. According to body shape,there are two types:

a. Pear Shape.
Most are female. They have narrow shoulders,small breast,slim waist,but fat is mainly accumulated in hip,middle abdomen and thigh surroundings.
To improve shape of this type,besides removing fat accumulated in hip,abdomen and thigh, you must strengthen muscle power of breast and abdomen.

b. Apple Shape.
Most are male. Fat is mainly stored in abdomen.
4. According to body’s tissue nutrition, there are four types.
a. Fat hoarding type.There are thick layers of fat, Body fat rate exceeds 35% for female while exceeding 30% for male.
b. Muscle Shape. One of the special feature is that their legs looks as strong as a radish.The whole body also looks strong and have the same level fat.
c. Edema Shape.The water inside the body is over 60% of the weight. It’s easy to become edema by drinking water.
d. Mixed Shape. Possess the above three tissue nutrition types.
The following quiz you can test which shape you belongs to based on tissue nutrition division.

For each of below 10 items, choose only one option a,or b,or c that tally with your situation.

1). Times for drinking water per day.
a. Less than 3 times. b. 3 to 5 times. c. Above 5 times.
2). Times for urinating per day.
a. Less than 3 times. b. 3 to 5 times. c. Above 5 times.
3). Times for eating sweet food per day.

a. Above 5 times. b. 3 to 5 times. c. Less than 3 times.
4). Times for urinating during night sleeping period.
a. None. b. 1 to 2 times.
c. Above 3 times.
5). When to perspire ?
a. Only when doing fierce exercise. b. When doing slightly exercise. c.Often perspire even if no any exercise.
6). Whole body’s skin quality trend.
a. Oily. b. Neutral. c. Dry.
7).Diameter size of crus .
a. Above 2 times as upper arm. b. longer than upper arm but less than 2 times. c. Shorter than upper arm.

8). Waistline.

a. Bigger than hip line. b. The same size as hip line. c. Smaller than hip line.
9). Every time losing weight.
a. Face becomes thin first. b. Belly becomes small first. c. Thigh becomes thin first.
10). When somebody estimates your weigh.
a. Always estimate right. b. Estimate lighter than actual weight. c.Estimate heavier than actual weight.

Result analysis:
If answer a has more than 5(including 5),then you are Edema Shape Obesity.
If answer b has more than 5(including 5),then you are Muscle Shape Obesity.
If answer c has more than 5(including 5),then you are Fat hoarding type Obesity.
If all the answers have no over 5 a,or 5 b,or 5 c, then you are Mixed Shape Obesity.
Here Unani herbal medicine is the only hope.
One should have more patience & undertake proper treatment to achieve the goal of reducing weight & preventing further weight again.

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