Night emission

Night Discharge

This also identified as nocturnal emission i.e. an involuntary discharge of semen during sleep. This is also known as nightfall. In dream one feels that some beautiful woman along side and doing sexual act with her and this leads to semen discharge. In the beginning he awakens immediately at the time of discharge. But slowly he is much in grip of this ailment that he fails to notice when he discharged the semen in sleep. Nightfall mostly occurs at night but often it happens in the day also. Rare discharges are not harmful, but frequent nightfall, undoubtedly affects one’s health. This leads to other disorders as well so it is necessary to consult for proper medication to stop this ailment. It is also advised that do not read pornographic literature, not to indulge in vulgar talks, not to see nude photographs, not to imagine fantasies, which arouses their sexual feeling. This problem is rampant in every part of the world but don’t lose heart.
Night discharge is a condition where an individual experience ejaculation of semen during sleep. It is also known as “wet dream”, an involuntary orgasm, or simply an orgasm during sleep.

Night discharges are common during teenage and early adulthood. However, night discharge may happen at any age. They may or may not be associated with erotic dreams. Some males will wake during the ejaculation, while others will sleep through the event.


The exact cause of night discharge is not known. Some individual think that night discharges are the direct result of the stimulation caused by either erotic dreams or memories of waking sexual activities.. However, there has been little experimental evidence to support this theory, and many men claim to have had Night discharge without erotic dreams. Another common theory is that wet dreams are the way the body through away excess of semen, while scientifically it is not proved. Night discharge provides a kind of physiological safety valve for sexual tension.


The frequency of night discharge is highly variable. Some men may have many numbers of night discharges as teenagers, while some men never experience one in their lives. Men, who experience wet dreams more or less frequently than others, usually do not have any sort of disease or problem. Some have them only at a certain age, while others have them throughout their life.
Very few people know and understand the causes behind nightfall. Know how to get rid of night discharge using herbal remedies.
Sudden and unexpected seminal discharge during the night is a problem, which is faced by many males around the world. Unfortunately, very few people know and understand the causes behind this problem, and know how to get rid of it. Others are mostly confused, or feel very shy and embarrassed to talk about such issues. And because of this, they don’t even feel confident in going to a doctor to seek medical help for the same.

But experts are against such shyness. They say that it is highly dangerous to avoid or neglect the medication for sexual problems or conditions. With time, such problems worsen and lead to more complications.

One of the main reasons why Nightfall, also known as Nocturnal Emissions or Wet Dreams occurs is because of a man’s habit of over masturbation. A lot of men in their desire for increased sexual activity and pleasure – cross the boundary of healthy masturbation, and start to do it more often than advisable. This then leads to a situation where in a lot of masturbating sessions happen one after the other, without adequate time period or gap between two consecutive sessions.

As a result, the genitals of the person get over exhausted, and do not get any rest.
The tissues in the penile area start to become weak, and the male organ size also decreases. Moreover, the person starts to have constant pain in the penile area.

Of course, smooth and pleasurable sex under such conditions is also not possible, because the man loses control over his erections. Many times, men start to face problems of erectile dysfunction, and the semen quality also deteriorates. This is not only harmful for the person’s sexual health, but also very disheartening for the partner, as the lovemaking is not as good as it should be.

Night fall / Night Discharge – Natural Treatment with Herbal Medicine
Sexual weakness could be related to erectile dysfunction (inability to obtain a full erection) or premature ejaculation (reaching the orgasm too fast). It is a common issue with many men and was considered a taboo before, but with a right treatment things can be easily worked out. Causes for any sexual weakness could be physical like sexually transmitted diseases, nervous debility, hypertension, diabetes, hormonal disorders, alcohol abuse or other drug abuse, enlarged prostate and certain medications or non-physical like any psychological problems, depression, anxiety, stress, guilt or trauma.

Night Fall Side Effect

Side Effects of Nightfall / Night Discharge: -

1. Fatigue

2. Back pain

3. Hair loss

4. Weak erection

5. Premature ejaculation

6. Testicular pain

7. Cramp in pelvic cavity

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Most people stop urinating in their bed before the age of six (hopefully). Still many young teenage boys, and even some men, waking up in the middle of the night with wet sheets and underpants. They experience something called nocturnal emissions, or “wet dreams.” Nocturnal emission is the technical term for the experience of having an orgasm and then ejaculation while sleeping. There is a difference between nocturnal orgasms and nocturnal emissions, because males can have a nocturnal orgasm (a sexual climax) without ejaculating (an emission of fluids, including semen). Females have nocturnal orgasms as well, but there is no emission (as explained in another section). The important thing to understand is that there is nothing wrong with a male if he experiences a nocturnal orgasm or nocturnal emission, as they are normal and healthy experiences.

The only problem with a nocturnal emission we can think of is the wet spot it leaves. Starting between the ages of 10 and 12, males begin going through the process of puberty. During this stage, teenage boys start to produce sperm and gain the ability to ejaculate. It is at this time that most males experience nocturnal emissions, sometimes even before they learn about masturbation. While sleeping, the male’s genitals may rub against the bed or sheets, or he may unknowingly stimulate them himself. When this happens, the male may become so sexually aroused that he has an orgasm (even if he is not awake to enjoy it!), along with a nocturnal emission. A boy’s first nocturnal emission tends to cause the most confusion and worry. Most parents don’t tell their sons what orgasms and ejaculations are before hand. Therefore the first nocturnal emission is something that the adolescent boy is unfamiliar with. He may think something is wrong with his body:

“Do I have cancer or some kind of disease?”
He may fear that he has urinated in his sleep. Most adolescents don’t want to have to explain to their parents why there is a wet spot in their bed, and this causes fear as well. The truth is that nocturnal orgasms and emissions are natural, and that wet spot will dry up quickly, though unfortunately it leaves a yellowish stain. Another confusing aspect of a boy’s first nocturnal orgasm is the feelings of pleasure and arousal that he feels if he is awakened by it. If the boy has never experienced an orgasm before (via masturbation or otherwise), these pleasurable feelings are strange, yet at the same time enjoyable. Nocturnal orgasms may indeed lead a male to experiment with masturbation in order to experience those sexual feelings again.

Teenage boys typically begin masturbating earlier than girls and do it more frequently, and this helps them learn more about sexuality and sources of arousal. While most parents do not teach their children about orgasms, let alone “wet dreams,” an adolescent’s friends and peers may attempt to play the Sex pert role. While hearing his friends joke and tease about these things may help to alleviate some fears in the mind of the inexperienced boy, many teen stories and “facts” are usually false. Adolescent males going through puberty tend to act like they know everything there is to about sex, when they in fact know very little at all. Therefore if you are a young male and you are afraid of being ridiculed or teased because you “came in your bed,” now you know there is nothing wrong with it: More than likely, the boy who teased you has experienced the same thing. Finally, if you haven’t had a nocturnal orgasm, don’t worry about that either. Not everybody has them, and some males don’t experience one until later in life. Don’t expect too much from yourself, especially if you are a younger teenager or preteen. Sexuality is something everybody gets to experience, some people just wait longer than others for their time to come.

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