Regarding sex

What is sex?

The word sex is used to refer to a variety of sexual activities, and can mean different things to different people. When people talk about sex (sexual intercourse) they are usually referring to penetrative sex, where a man inserts his penis into the vagina or anus of a sexual partner.

How do you have sex?
Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is quite simple. When a man’s penis becomes hard, he places it inside a woman’s vagina, and moves it in and out. This creates friction, which can be pleasurable for both the man and woman. After a while, this friction will usually cause the man to have an orgasm and ejaculate. It may also cause the woman to have an orgasm, although it can take a bit of experimentation and practice to get it right!

What is safer sex? 

Safer sex is taking precautions to reduce the risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease, including HIV,
during sexual activities. It is wrong to assume this only applies to young people as STDs and HIV can affect anyone at any age
What is the most common sexual condition affecting man?

Studies show it is premature ejaculation, which can affect up to 75% of men. Clinically it is defined as the release of the ejaculate from the penis either before intercourse can take place, or quickly after it starts, usually within less than 15 “thrusts.” While every man will experience premature ejaculation at least once in their life

What ‘counts’ as losing your virginity?

Different people have different opinions on this, and some say there are different types of virginity. But most people generally agree that if a man or woman has had penetrative sex, that is sexual intercourse, then they are no longer a virgin.

How do you have an orgasm?

When sexual excitement builds up and reaches a peak a person might experience an orgasm, also called a climax, or ‘coming’. The sexual excitement might start from someone masturbating on their own, or through kissing, masturbating or having sex with another person.

How long does sex last?

It depends what you mean by sex! The time people devote to doing sexual things can last from a few minutes, to several hours, or even a whole day! The actual act of sexual intercourse will often last until a man has an orgasm (ejaculates or comes), although there’s nothing wrong with stopping before this point.

How often do people have sex?

Sexual appetite is entirely a matter of personal taste. Some people have sex once or twice a day and others once a month. It probably varies for most people depending on whether they are in a relationship, how busy they are and how they feel. Most people think about sex far more often than they do it.

Interesting Facts About Sex
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  1. The average American man’s erect penis is five to seven inches long with a circumference of four to six inches, according to The Kinsey Institute
  2. 46% of women would give up getting laid for two weeks rather than logging off the Internet for the same amount of time, according to a survey conducted by Intel.
  3. Want the ultimate orgasm? Abstain from any sexual activity at all for three weeks. That’s the amount of time it takes for your testosterone levels to peak and boost your libido, according to a study published in the World Journal of Urology
Health Advantages Of Sex

Better health translates into better sex lives, with healthy people more likely to engage in sex and to express an interest in sex.
association holds firm into middle-age and later life as well, according to a recent study.
Human sexuality is increasingly recognized as an important aspect of health and quality of life throughout an individual’s life with sexual activity being associated with health benefits and longevity. Physical health is significantly correlated with sexual activity and many aspects of sexual function, independent of age.
Apart from the advantages mentioned above, it has many health related advantages. Some of the fascinating facts revealed by scientists say that sex increases the intake of oxygen by the couples during the course of their sexual activity.The increase in intake
of oxygen decreases or regulates the heartbeat and it also results in decrease in blood pressure. Some researchers even call the sexual activity as an exercise. It is very much helpful to the skeletal muscles, because sex increases density of capillaries.
Apart from this, it has other benefits on heart of the human being. It regulates the blood pressure. It decreases the accumulation of fat
in the body and as a result, reduces the level of cholesterol as well as the triglyceride.
Sex regulates cholesterol, the tolerance of glucose increases considerably. In effect, the exercise during the sex clears the veins of fat and cholesterol levels and therefore it greatly minimizes the chances of heart attacks or neurological problems, like stroke, etc.
Another astonishing fact is that sex reduces the chances of diabetes. This is obvious, because the level of cholesterol and triglyceride and the accumulation of the fat diminishes in the body due to the exercise that naturally takes place during sex. It also lowers the chances of cancer of colon and the breast.
The diseases associated with gall bladder also reduce considerably.Researchers have said that during the sexual activity, most part of the body is actively involved. Therefore, it causes good exercise to the muscles. Some even equate this to involvement of muscles during
sexual activity, quality of sexual life, and interest in sex positively associated with health in middle age and later life.
Sexually active life expectancy is longer for men, but men lost more years of sexually active life as a result of poor health than women.Therefore,take care of your health,so that you can enjoy the life and sex.

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